Rye bread as mum used too

Well nearly, you can’t beat your mum’s home cooking/baking.

We have a sourdough going in the family that as been going for nearly 30 years. Friends and family has all got a starter from it. Sadly we don’t dare to ship it over as it is rather keen when it starts to defrost.

So I had to make my own.

One problem I have had over here various ingredients don’t behave the same as in Denmark or even in France. Just look at the homemade ice cream, I have managed to make it pretty darn good, but still not as good as I could make it in Denmark.

Looking on the net and comparing the few recipes for rye bread to the family recipe, I did a lot of head scratching. Mainly because most recipes for rye bread weren’t rye bread as I know it. And then there was, which flour? And where to get it from?

Since I struggle with planning ahead when it come to cooking, I was also trying to avoid using a sourdough. So normal yeast it was, because I get baking right away, not when it had defrosted. And I was also trying to keep the amount of wheat down, so Peli could eat it too.

After about six goes with various types of flour and seeds I got it to look and taste like the rye bread I was brought up with. I was told by a real connoisseur, a visiting Dane, that I was on the right track. It could use a bit more salt, was the response, but I’m not a big eater of salt soooo … I don’t know what I’ll do. Might add a bit more, as many recipes call for five times the amount I have used.

The last one I made tasted really good but there was no rise whatsoever. Well only about half an inch, so I had baked a brick. A tasty brick.

In one of the first few experiments I had used a leftover ale yeast packet, as I found out that the yeast I had was waaaay past its use-by date. And that loaf raised just fine, but other times there was no lift even after eight hours.

Some delay in getting started was down to the fact that I couldn’t find a proper bread tin over here or a company that would ship from DK to the UK. I managed to find and settle on a 4lb/2Kg Alan Silverwood Silver Anodised Aluminium Thin Wide Loaf Vpan, as it was as close as possible to what I wanted and was used to. And yes, the first experiment in it worked much better than in the baking tins we already had.

So without further ado, here is what I did. This is version eight, my best result yet, there will more verison to come.

1/2 cup Seed and Grain flour mix (What you can find at your favorite supermarket, Tesco or Morrison I think)
1 cup Spelt flour (What you can find at your favorite supermarket, Tesco)
1/2 cup Strong bread flour (What you can find at your favorite supermarket, Tesco)
3 cup Rye flour (This I got from Shipton Mill, though I have also used Aldi’s and Tesco’s)
1/2 cup Seed blend flour (This I got from Shipton Mill)
1/2 cup Cracked rye (This I got from Shipton Mill)
1 cup Three malt sunflower (This I got from Shipton Mill)

1 strong large cup of tea, Yorkshire of course.
500ml home brew with the yeasty dregs too. But any dark ale would do, heck water even.
Then top it with water until the liquid total 1200ml

1 tsp salt
1 table spoon sugar
1 tsp honey

1 spoon full olive oil
1 pack Ale yeast, leftover from my home brewing, though this could be just normal baking yeast.
1 tsp dry yeast.

2 large topped spoon full oats.

A good hand full seed mix chopped, this could be anything you like. I found that Tesco got a mix – Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Golden Linseeds – that suits my needs. I like my rye bread with a good amount of seeds.

2 table spoons of pearl barley chopped, don’t know why I have put this in, but it works ok and it is good for you 🙂

160deg 1h15, then 30min at 140 then out off tray in warm oven until cool’ish about 50min (as I had to use the oven for chips 🙂 )

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