Poison cake aka Grøn Giftkage

bladan kage grøn gift kage aka poison cakeIn Denmark, way back when, we had something at school we called a free hour. I think they’re called free periods in the UK. The free hour was a chance to talk about current news events, or bullying, or as a bit of extra time to work on a school project. But, most importantly, it also meant cake!

A couple of students were given the job of baking a cake and bringing it in for the free hour. You can easily see why this the class was my (and others’) favourite class in school. The two most baked cakes were chocolate cake and bladan kage(grøn gift kage) aka poison cake. As you can see from the picture, who wouldn’t want to put that in their mouth when you are young, or even young at heart?

600grams Butter
600grams Sugar
6 Eggs
600grams Flour
2.5tspns Baking powder
3.75dl. Milk
2tbspns Almond Flavouring
4tbspns Green food colouring

Mix the butter and sugar together then add the eggs one by one into the mix. Mix the flour and baking powder in. Then the milk, food colouring and almond flavouring, try to mix these things before, just so that you can see the green milk 🙂

Put this in to a pre-buttered oven tray (this is a rather large cake!) and put it into a 200c pre-heated oven for around 25-30 min.

When it have cooled down, yes I know it is hard, you can apply a healthy helping of icing or frosting, chocolate or plain sugar icing, on top.

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