Roast potatoes

roasted potatoes with chickenOne of the few things I get to cook in our household is roasted potatoes. The look I see on Peli’s face when I ask her if I should fire the oven up for a bit of a roast tells me that I’m doing something right.

You can use pretty much any kind of potato for this and get the same result. Though new baby spuds right out of the ground we all know are best boiled with a bit of butter, mmmmm. Anywhoo, back to roasting.

Fire up your oven to around 220C/Gas mark 6-7 (that is in a fan oven though).

Then clean your potatoes, scrub behind the ears and cut the nasty bits off and leave the skin on. I think they taste better and are crispier with the skin on. Chop them up into good sized bits, though not too small.

Then boil the potatoes just until they start to get soft on the outside, don’t boil them fully. Drain and throw in a few lumps of butter into the pot. Then put the lid back on and give the potatoes a good old shake, before you place them on a oven tray.

Now this part is where you get creative. Plenty of oil (sunflower or olive) and then what every you fancy that day or have in the cupboard.

Black ground pepper is the easiest. Sprinkle some mixed herbs over the potatoes are also good. Pretty much any spice you want to used.

Getting more creative, chop some onion, garlic even red cabbage and throw into the oven tray.

The way I get the roasted potatoes nice and crisp is to sprinkle a bit of soya sauce and balsamic vinegar over them.

How long I leave the potatoes in the oven I can’t say, just that I mix it all together and then give the potatoes a good stir now and again. The longer you leave the potatoes between the stirs makes them more roasted and crispy. And to get even more gluttonous get some cheese to great over the roasted potatoes.

Tonight’s roasting was with some garlic and some chilli flakes sprinkled over. Then served with Able and Cole’s ever so yummy free range chicken breasts also roasted but just with a bit of ground pepper over. With a a tomato, radish and spinach salad that Peli knocked up.


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