Angel hair spaghetti

angel hair spaghettiAs a cyclist you need to eat your carbs by the bucket load, which at times can be a bit hard while cycle touring. Cooking normal pasta can really drain your stove fuel, as some pasta needs more than 9-15 minutes in the pot before it’s ‘al dente’.

Our good friend Fi in Australia is a big outdoors person and she gave us a fantastic tip for cooking pasta while touring. Use ‘Angel Hair’ spaghetti, which is very thin and cooks in no time at all!

We didn’t have any problems finding it in Australia and New Zealand and I have seen it here in the UK. Elsewhere, I’m sure that they would have something like it.

And as you know, pasta is easy to cook: either make your own sauce or get some pesto or pre-made tomato sauce to stir in, add some vegetables such as mushrooms or asparagus, and you’ve got a filling, nutritious meal. With Angel Hair pasta that empty stomach will be filled in no time.


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