Abel and Cole

able and cole organic deliveryI can’t really be bias to this wonderful company even when I used to work for them. Since it is over 16 years ago and they have had a massive changes since then. New yellow refrigerated vans (was blue and rather warm in the summer), new fantastic website (that says more than just “call us on …”) etc.

Able and Cole now delivers so much, much more compared*) to when I was working there. And to be honest their produce is much better now than back then. Well and truly yummy! It is always a great pleasure to open up one’s boxes to see what we are going to eat that week. Sometimes we do have to look at the order to see what weird and wonderful vegetables are.

*) Back in the day it was pretty much only potatoes and eggs, with mineral water and veggies on the side.

We have now enjoyed their organic deliveries for little over a year. Always on time and never bashed up. The few times we have emailed them about a veggie not being to their unseal standards. They have replied right away with offers for a refund, without a moan.

Price, well compared to the supermarkets they are maybe a little bit more dear but the quality is so much better. So it is well worth it getting your fresh, and it is, fruit and vegetables from them and get the rest from the supermarkets.

The recipes ideas you get with your delivery are always spot on and written with a little humour. The meat, bread are always in top quality and I really their organic beer box last Christmas.

And then there is the milk they get from Berkeley Farm Dairy which uses a herd of Guernsey cows. I know and love my milk, ain’t milk brill? But this is probably the best milk I have every had. I got my thing about cheeses and cheddar (that is for another post) but boy is the Green’s Farmhouse Mature Cheddar ever so yummy. I think it is the first thing we nibble on while going through the boxes.

Our box along with the extras we get last pretty much a week. A few times are out of goodies on the night before and have to resort to tins, left overs or takeaways.

Able and Cole is probably one of the best websites I have ever used. The amount of options and settings you can do to your order, every week or month etc. is done by a simple click. If you don’t like something just click dislike and you will never see it in your vegetable box again.

The little treats they send you now and again, halloumi cheese and mince pies etc. go down a treat. This along with the great flyers, recipes etc makes sure that you will come back and use them.

LINK : http://www.abelandcole.co.uk/

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