Milk and two sugars

milk and two sugarsThis country and former empire is built on tea. You can’t do anything without getting asked “fancy a cuppa”. Like the weather is is probably the most talked about subject in the UK. Good and bad news are celebrated/cured with a cup of tea. Broken your leg, well you be right as rain after a cup of tea, go on go on oh go on, biscuit?

Then they have to go and ruin a nice cuppa with milk and sugar! WHY?

Yes I did when I was younger have a bit of sugar in my tea. But I figured out why I did that, it was because the tea I was drinking was rather bitter. PG-tip I’m looking at you.

I used to work at a place where we had a tea lady. One day she made a cup of tea extra, instead of it going waste I put my hand up, when asked. I then got served a cup of hot milk with sugar in it. There was no what so ever any taste of the tea I had been served. Needless to say one sip and in the sink it went.

When you go to a greasy spoon and get your fry up and as for tea. Do make sure that you tell the staff a few times and make it clear if you want a black tea. They make tea with milk hundreds of times a day so it is motor reflexes to grab that bottle of milk. The amount of cups of teas I have to send back because they have put milk in. “Black tea” many places just mean tea that have brewed a bit longer with a bit of milk in. I have yet to find a good cup of tea in a cafe, since they tend to just use a big pot with x numbers of tea bags in and let that brew most of the day.

PG-tips and Tetley seem to be the most popular cuppa out there, but when they get to brew for a long time, it becomes rather undrinkable. Twinings and Typhoo is pretty much the tea that people drink in the UK, if we go by the places we have visited abroad.

My folks had a spell off: we gotta try this afternoon tea malarkey. I took them some various teas and I’m pretty sure that they enjoyed them too. Though the only tea they had left when I last visited was fruit teas, now that is just wrong.

I used to drink English Breakfast and Earl Gray by the buckets, along with Assam, Darjeeling and the like. But never found a tea, that was my cuppa tea, get it?

Then I got introduced to Rooibos (aka Redbush) by a good friend and few years later Peli gave me a cuppa of Yorkshire Tea. Which now are my two favourite teas to drink, both without milk or sugar, as I like taste the tea. Green Tea have its place also and if you get a good cup it is rather enjoyable.

Even Peli have her “tea headaches” when she haven’t had a cup of tea for awhile. She enjoyed the cup we found in Croatia after a week cycling there. While in Australia, while visiting a friend, we found hidden in the cupboard a bag of Yorkshire tea. Which made our day!

Oh, was that the kettle that finished, want a cuppa?

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