Homemade ice cream

home made ice creamWhat an honour I’m giving you here, I’m sharing you my mum’s recipe for home made ice cream.

This is the only thing in our household that can bring the family to a fight. “He had more than me”, “I only had the chocolate one”, itsnotfair!

3-4 egg yolks (depending on size).
1 dl of sugar (1/10 of a liter, around a cup I think).

Mix into a eggnog, make sure the sugar crystals are mixed into the egg yolks.

1 pint of double fat cream. Don’t try to get the one that is half fat, the ice cream will not like it. Now whip that into a nice and fluffy whipped cream.

Then mix the lot together along with a wee drop of vanilla flavouring (if you like that kind of stuff).

Then top up with whatever flavoring you like: I have tried with fine chopped marzipan and dark chocolate, toblerone, M&M’s do freeze them first as they will melt, in the mix and turn the ice cream into rainbow, but then again you might like that.

My mum have tried fresh fruits but they have just crystallized and that have ruined the ice cream, might be worth to try out dried fruit.

I made one with milk chocolate and two shots of Baileys mixed in at the end. Now that was a VERY successful ice cream, I didn’t get to taste much, as I got pushed away.

And then bang it into the freezer to “cook” for around 24 hours or until it is solid.

Now remember to lick the bowl and enjoy!

BTW: do make two since the first one will disappear before you know it.

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