Fish and Chips

fish and chipsHow do you eat yours? I like them with a bit of salt and vinegar, not much, just a dab. Sometimes quite a bit of tartar sauce does the job, and I’m not impartial to some mushy peas on occasion.

Over the years over here I have had my fair share of fish ‘n’ chips, but have never really gone “Wow, this is good and tasty.”

Because the English like sloppy chips, which I have never understood. It really just tastes and feels like half cooked potatoes. A little longer in the fryer and you’ll get such a lovely crispy chip that tastes so much better.

The other day at our LBS they were having fish and chips and we just had to go via the shop to have a taste since it looked and smelled that good.

We headed down to Fishers Fish and Chips, 19 Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3JH and our palates got treated to the best fish ‘n’ chip I have ever had.

There was plenty of chips which were big and “hand cut” and very crispy and the cod that I had was in a word massive and very tasty, not dry. numnum 🙂

I normally don’t post about food but I read this article on the beeb yesterday, The unlikely origin of fish and chips, it is the 150th anniversary of the what was the UK’s favourite take away.

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